In 2011 denim designer / entrepreneur, Scott Morrison, launched his third denim line, 3×1. The name is derived from denim’s standard weaving construction, the 3×1 (Right Hand Twill). The term ‘three by one’ also alludes to Morrison’s third jean concept (having launched Paper Denim & Cloth in 1999, and Earnest Sewn in 2004). Following the success of his first two brands, Morrison wanted to reinvent the way people saw denim and, in doing so, created a retail environment that captured their imagination in a completely new way. Based in Manhattan’s SoHo District, 3×1® began as a part retail store and party factory space, with a glass enclosed jean factory at it ’s nucleus. For the first time ever, the production process was infused within the retail environment so customers could watch their jeans being cut, sewn, and finished behind three glass walls. The women’s collection is designed with the idea that the best materials (construction, zippers, trims) combined with the most flattering fabrics and slimming silhouettes will reshape the future of women’s denim. The men’s collection focuses on our love and knowledge of ‘selvedge’ denim ,while designing timeless styles and updated fits for the modern man. The 3×1 collection reflects our uncompromising commitment to making the finest jeans in the world.